Sunless Tanning 

Here at GLOW Tanning we offer two types of sunless tanning options.  

  • Versaspa Spray Tan

  • Infinity Sun Airbrush















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VERSASPA - Spray Tan Booth

The VersaSpa is completely cosmetic and completely UV-Free. Your visit includes the prep hydration spray (no additional charge) and the natural bronzing spray, which comes in three shades, Light (L), Medium (M), or Dark (D).  Don't want the instant bronzer? We also offer a clear version in all three shades as well!  We can help you choose the one that is best suited for your skin tone for the results that you want. The spray itself takes only a few minutes and the equipment will automatically dry you.  Generally your tan will last between 5-7 days. SEE BELOW FOR FURTHER Q & A


Fortify your skin and enhance its color with a proprietary blend of green tea extracts, amino acids, and other professional-grade ingredients. VersaSpa’s pH balancing treatment instantly balances your skins pH levels, increases absorption by dispersing its natural oils, and maximizes hydration before each session.


Through a proprietary blend of DHA, amino acids, and other professional-grade ingredients, VerspaSpa bronzing treatments works to condition and moisturize your skin, while dramatically increasing its color depth. Now you can enjoy a quick-drying, streak-free, deep penetrating application for a vibrant, sexy glow. Choose between Bronzer and Clear Bronzer (no cosmetic tint).


Our Infinity Sun Airbrush tanning will give you a beautiful natural-looking tan. Our Airbrush Tan is performed by one of our technicians and is customized for you. Tell us want you want and we Airbrush you accordingly. Lighter face, darker legs, or contoured stomach -you choose your tone! Our Airbrush System is the perfect answer for those who want a beautiful custom tan today- best for Weddings, Parties, Proms, Vacations and Special Events- or just for a great looking tan! 


An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking, golden brown glow. Containing a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts, our bronzing solution delivers immediate results. This is a New Generation Solution which has a pink undertone providing a more natural looking and darker tan than has ever been available by other inferior and older Airbrush Systems and solutions.


Sunless Tanning Tips

How should I prepare for my sunless spray tan session?
We recommend that you optimize your skin for spray tanning with PHydra-Luxe Optimizing Wash by Infinity Sun. We have this available for purchase on our website as well as in our Western Avenue location.  It is PhBalanced, enriched with avocado, coconut and shea butter, your skin will feel soft, supple and hydrated and will be left ideally prepared to develop a flawless tan. PHydra-Luxe is perfect for use after sunless tanning to cleanse the skin without stripping the color and assists in extending the life of the tan by maintaining moisture levels in the skin. Safe for face and body.


Exfoliate and shave the day before or the day of your sunless spray tanning session. (The day before is preferred) The day of your sunless spray tanning session refrain from using moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, oils or deodorants that may create a barrier between your skin and the sunless tanning solution. (You may resume using these after your first shower or bath)


What should I wear to my spray tan appointment?
Loose fitting clothing. If using bronzer, darker clothing works best.  We DON'T recommend leggings or tight fitting clothing that is similar.

If it is raining remember to wear a jacket. If you have an umbrella bring it along (we have one also and will walk  you out to your car to protect you from the rain!).


How long should I wait after a session before showering?
To give the DHA enough time to fully set, we recommend waiting a minimum of 8 hours after a Versa Spa Spray tan and (6-8 hours for Ultra Infinity) 12 hours after an Infinity Sun (Bronze) Airbrush tan for optimal results. Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan. If you tanned using an Instant Cosmetic Bronzer option the Instant Cosmetic Color will wash off in the shower, but the color produced by the DHA will remain.


Will my skin look orange?

No. The advanced technology currently used in sunless tanning solutions is designed to ensure a natural, bronze tan. The salon staffer can help you select the proper level of tanning solution to best match your skin tone.


Will the bronzing formula stain my clothing?

No, the sunless spray tanning solution which includes a cosmetic bronzer is water soluble and will be removed after the next wash in cold water. However, in some instances, the DHA in the tanning solution may permanently stain undergarments worn during the spray session.


How long does Sunless Spray Tanning last?

A Sunless Spray Tan can last up to 7-10 days depending on the formulation you choose and the condition of your skin.

EXTEND your tan by using the Infinity Sun Extend moisurizer.  It is a super-hydrating serum containing our highest quality antioxidants, botanicals and DHA. This product is designed to keep the skin soft and silky-looking and to extend the tan for an additional 2-3 days.  


ALSO an option:


Infinity Sun TAN ME BB ™  Self-tanning BB Cream gradually tans the skin while correcting color disparities immediately on application. Infinity Sun’s natural skin replenishing complex plumps, tones and tightens the skin, creating a youthful and vibrant texture and flawless glow. Contains Avacado and Hemp seed oil for nourishing hydration.  

Both the Infinity Sun Extend moisturizer and the TAN ME BB cream is available for purchase in our Western Avenue location as well as on this website.  


What's in the Sunless Bronzing Formula that makes me tan?
DHA, dihydroxyacentone, combined with anti-aging, skin firming ingredients is the main compound that produces a customized bronze glow. DHA has been an approved cosmetic additive by the FDA for over 30 years. DHA is a carbohydrate (monosaccharide sugar) compound approved by the FDA for use in externally applied sunless tanning solutions. For misting applications, the FDA recommends protective measures to prevent eye contact, inhalation or ingestion.